Hello !

This article will help You to understand how simple is to use Walmoo mTerminal and how easy You can make transactions.

You have just registered and set-up Walmoo mTerminal and You want to start learn extensive application functionality and options? In the case You do not have any identificion cards or QR codes with You, You can still test functionality and make transactions!

We have created a test client with QR as a type of identification. With scanning test client QR code You can make test transactions, view test client profile, statistics, earn and spend different type of loyalties and eventually make certain how simple and easy to use is Walmoo mTerminal. 

First things first- Test client QR code is found in Getting started with Walmoo e-mail You received after registration or in Your business profile administration panel Customers section.

Here You can see that You can make transaction in sigle 4 steps:

How to earn& spend coupon using test customer(John Smith) read here