Please follow up registration process to start using Walmoo loyalty platform.

Create business acount,press Register

Enter required fields Company name, Your name, surname, email address where You receive confirmation email with access (username and password) to Your business profile and enter phone number and notes fields (is not required), Confirm.

Registration successful. Please check Your email where confirmation e-mail has been sent.

Login access- Your username, Your password.

You can download Walmoo mTerminal app here

You can schedule a meeting with Walmoo team member here

Log in to Your business account

Start setup wizard

Go to Your business profile Settings- Devices- in this moment You need to download Walmoo mTerminal apllication- Link to existing- in application enter activization code which is visible in administration panel Devices section in right corner- Activate.

This is unique test operator we have created for Your convenience, enter password 123456 to log into Your profile in Walmoo mTerminal, to continue setup wizard press Next.

We have created test customer John Smith with QR code, which You can scan with Walmoo mTerminal app, so You do not necessarily need NFC tags to start explore and use all Walmoo mTerminal unctionalities. Just scan test customer QR code!

We have created a test coupon with earning conditions- client has to make at least 10 euro transaction and he will gain possession of 5 € coupon. This is also for test, to get to know and understand better Walmoo mTerminal app. To finish setup wizard press Complete.