Customers section is a overview about all customers who have been registered in Your business.

Statistics section (Customer activity, Customer count and New customers) will show summary of data depending on selected filters.

Filters will help You to operate with customers much faster and easier.

Explore all Actions button functionalities- How to create customer profile, How to export customer data, How to add coupon, How to set credit limit, How to make segmentatiton and How to block/unblock customersHow to add custom fields.


Customer's profile
Statistics section- compiled statistics of all Visits, Transaction sum, Check-in, received Points, Time, available Stickers, Coupons and Discount.
Profile information- Name, Surname, Profile picture, Phone number, E-mail address, Gender, Birthday.
It is possible to add some Notes about customer and allocate Customer number.
Loyalty section- Shows available Deposit balance, Credit status, loyalty Level.
ID- Shows shop where has been made registration and code or Static QR code.
History- All transactions have been fixed and reflected with date&time, store data
 (department, terminal, user) and transaction amount& type.