To create new cashback loyalty

Go to Loyalties- Cashback- +Cashback.


General settings

1. Title

Enter cashback loyalty title.

2. Discount type

Local-cashback loyalty earning and spending will be available only in one specific shop.

Collaborative- create collaborative offers with any of your partners , cashback loyalty will be available between Your and partner’s shops.

3. Collecting period

Period when is active cashback.

4. Collecting& Usage

Check departments where is possible to receive and/or spend deposit.

Gain (Prize settings)

5. Level percentage.

Enter the amount of percentage for each level which will accumulate for every purchase.

6. Image

Select image from list or upload a new image.

7. Description

Enter comments about cashback loyalty, amount of percentage for each level.

8. Save the cashback loyalty.

Cashback example in Walmoo mTerminal here.