To create personalized level system:

First of all, need to creat level configuration Go to Your business profile Loyalties- Levels- +Add levels configuration to make default level. 

To create levels configuration

General settings

1. Transaction type.

Choose the type of transaction (Payment, Check-in, Time, Points) that will count for levels.

2. Recalculation frequency.

Set how ofter (do not recalculate, recalculate every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, every year) will reset accumulated for all customers (with no permanent levels).

3. Departments.

Check departments where levels will be active and available.

4. Users.

Check users (administrator, manager, operator) who has rights manually to change level and set level as a permanent.

5. Default level.

Enter title of default level.

6. Description.

Enter comments about levels, earning conditions.

7. Save the level configuration. 

To create next levels

Go to– Loyalties- Levels- +Add level.

1. Title.

Enter title of level.

2. Amount.

Enter transaction sum that customer need to accumulate to acquire this specific level.

3. Save level. 

To activate levels

Go to– Loyalties- Levels- Activate levels- Yes.

After activating levels only level titles and description will be editable, all other data will stay read- only. When levels are active, customers can carry out level conditions and receive loyalty prizes (Example).

Your customers can start to explore all advantages which providing earned level. 

Example of receiving loyalty discount here.

More about levels here.