Coupon is one of way to start loyalty, where customer has to carry out earning conditions to get a virtual coupon in his profile. Coupon discount amount is dependent on the customer’s loyalty level.

Go to Your business profile Loyalties- Coupons- +Coupon to make unlimited count coupons. How to create a coupon loyalty read here.

Coupon earning conditions are dependent on coupon general settings and collecting terms.

To use a coupon in purchase:

1. Identified customer by scanning NFC tag or QR code. Swipe from left side to right to open side menu.

2. Click on coupons.

3. Choose and select coupon, Confirm.

4. Coupon is selected. Swipe from right side to left to close side menu.

5. Enter manually amount of purchase, Confirm.

6. Summary view where can see coupon discount and total sum for purchase, Confirm.

7. Coupon has been spent!