Open customer's profile

Customer profile consisting of basic profile information which filled out in registration process- name, surname, phone number, e-mail address (which also is a username in website, gender and date of birth, there also is possible to set level, add deposit, assign a client number and some notes about customer if it is necessary and see all carried out transactions in Statistics section.

After scanning QR code or NFC tag customer has been identified. It is possible to open customer's profile by clicking on customer's name & surname which is shortcut to profile.

Change profile photo

Add/change profile photo process is very simple and can be divided into 3 steps.

Step 1 Click on square where is people shadow image.

Step 2 Choose to take real time photo (Take a photo) or if You already have customer's photo/ do not want to take real photos click on Select from gallery.

Step 3 Crop the photo and Save the changes.


Change profile information

To fill out the basic profile information about customer click on fields.

Step 1 Already have name, surname, e-mail address from registration.

Step 2 Choose country code from the list and insert phone number, Save changes. Phone confirmation message with unique code has been sent to phone number. Insert code in code field which appears after You insert phone number, Save. Phone number will be confirmed.

Step 3 Choose gender, Save.

Step 4 Select date of birth, Save.

To fill out the profile information about customer click on fields.

Step 1 It is possible to manually change loyalty levels. However, level gonna change depending on calculation conditions on next term. Permanent level is possible to set only in Your business profile administration panel.

Step 2 Add deposit (gift card).

Step 3 Assign client number.

Step 4 Make some notes about customer.