Coupon is one of way to start loyalty, where customer has to carry out earning conditions to get a virtual coupon in his profile. Coupon discount amount depends on customer’s loyalty level. How to use coupon in purchase read here

To create a coupon loyalty

Go to Your business profile Loyalties- Coupons- +Coupon to make unlimited count coupons.

Coupon earning conditions depend on coupon general settings and collecting terms.

Coupon general settings

1. Enter coupon loyalty title.

2. Choose assignment type.

Auto- coupon type when customer earns a coupon after carrying out coupon earning conditions.

Manual- coupon type when administrator add manually coupon to customer’s profile.

Birthday- coupon type when customer receives coupon in his birthday.

3. Discount type.

Local-coupon loyalty earning and spending will be available only in one specific shop.

Collaborative- create collaborative offers with any of your partners , coupon loyalty will be available between Your and partner’s shops.

4. Collecting period.

Period when is possible to earn and spend coupon.

5. Collecting&usage.

Check departments where collect and/or spend coupons.

Coupon collecting terms 

To earn a coupon need to carry out all coupon collecting terms- Times, Amounts and Frequency conditions.

6. Times.

Eter the number of transactions which have been made to earn a coupon.

7. Amount.

Choose the type of transaction (Payment, Check-in, Time, Points) and the minimum of amount that need to be carry out to earn a coupon

8. Frequency.

Set limit how ofter (no time limit, per minute, per hour, per day, per week, per month) is possible to earn coupon.

Gain (Prize settings)

9. Level discount.

Enter the amount of discount for each level.

10. Coupon image.

Select image from list or upload a new image. Image will show up when operator click on available coupons in side menu.

11. Description.

Enter comments about coupon, earning conditions and discounts. Description will show up when operator click on available coupons in side menu and click on coupon’s image.

12. Save the coupon. Coupon loyalty is ready to use!

To edit coupons
Go to Your business profile– Loyalties- Coupons- Edit- make changes- Save.