Dynamic QR codes are used for identification where customer, member, employee, student etc allow operator to scan dynamic QR code with Android device with Walmoo mTerminal application on it.

Dynamic QR code is unique for each customer and each transaction. Dynamic QR codes can be used for identification/making transactions or linking online profile to new NFC tag. Customer can use dynamic QR code for one identification time. To make next identification consumer need to generate new dynamic QR code.

Where to get dynamic QR code ?

Customers can generate unique dynamic QR code

Go to website login.walmoo.com – My profile- generate new QR code

It is possible to send Dynamic QR code to email and after print it out or show operator in smartphone or tablet.

To identify customer in Walmoo mTerminal Home screen click Scan QR.

To link online profile with new NFC tag using dynamic QR code.

1. Scan new NFC tag, Register.

2. Choose Existing user

3. Scan QR code, Scan dynamic QR code

4. Online profile has been linked with NFC tag.