NFC tags are used for identification where customer, member, employee, student etc scan NFC tag to Android device which has turned on NFC reader and opened Walmoo mTerminal application.

NFC reader is turned on. You can start identify customers, members, participants (anyone!) who has NFC tag. Just place a tag to Your device NFC spot and start new customer, member, participant registration.

NFC reader is turned off. Walmoo mTerminal will make You know if device NFC reader is turned off by message "NFC is turned off. Enable NFC in the device settings?". Press "OK" to turn on NFC reader in the device settings and start identify customers, members, participants (anyone!).

More about NFC tags read here.

Walmoo system recognizes and scans all types of NFC tags (MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire etc). NFC tags can be cards, chips and many other NFC based tags.

Customer, member, employee, student etc can use one (or more) personalized NFC tag all places where Walmoo provides services and earn all loyalties that partners have created.

To identify customer in phone settings turn on NFC reader and in Walmoo mTerminal application Home screen scan customer’s NFC tag.