What’s Walmoo?

Walmoo makes it possible to launch a custom loyalty program in minutes. With help of Walmoo solution business can get to know it's customers much better, set motivating loyalty program rules that can affect customer purchase behavior and of course strengthen relationship with it's customers and increase revenue.
With easy setup options business can start gathering data and analyze them right away.

So if you're just starting to learn how to use Walmoo, here are a couple of things you should know right from the beginning:

There are few ways of using Walmoo:
  • For your business loyalty program,
  • For user/visitor/member identification
    • Scenario 1: All the data and customer profiles are kept with Walmoo
    • Scenario 2: Walmoo is working only for identification of users for your existing service/system (POS, CRM, access control, etc.)
  • As digital gift card management system,
  • As accounting system,
  • For events as ticketing, check-in, activity recording system,
  • Many more ways we haven't even tought about yet.

There are 2 type of identifications available in physical world for customers:

NFC tags and QR codes

(more about customer identification HERE)

There are 4 type of Terminal solutions for business for customer identification, activity registration and bonus redemption:

  • Mobile solution - use your Android device with Walmoo mTerminal android app
  • Web based solution - use your computer with Walmoo WebTerminal app, NFC reader and/or webcamera
  • Embedded solution - use microcomputer with Walmoo script and NFC reader and/or webcamera
  • Online solution - use Walmoo API to simulate physical Terminal and register transactions from your service/website

The Walmoo loyalty solution consists of these main elements:

If you haven't created an account already, go to business.walmoo.com/register/ or download Walmoo mTerminal and sign up for a free account. Working through the platform as you read the following pages will help you get a good grasp of the tools available to you.

  • Can it be integrated with POS system? Although on default it's Stand-alone loyalty system which does work separately from POS, it can be integrated with almost any 3rd party system which can communicate using API. Use benefits of Stand-alone loyalty system and integrate if needed.
  • What's a activity/transaction? We use the term "activity" in Walmoo to refer to transactions like payment, point, time, check-in... basically all the activities you can register trough Terminals.  
  • What is platform? Platform is a set of tools which are ment to help to build your own custom solution. There are many options to choose from and many configurations to operate with so you can build exactly what you need and use it exactly as you want.
  • How much does it cost? Walmoo offers a free account and paid subscription plans after first 50 customers/visitors served. (See our pricing page for details - https://www.walmoo.com/pricing/) You will pay just for the amount you have used.

We have attached Walmoo Loyalty-as-a-Service presentation to summarize all the most important things in 1 file. Take a look!